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Local Tournaments 2018/2019

August 2018
5-6th:      National Leagues (Men & Women)
17-18th: National Leagues (Juniors)

September 2018
6-10th:    Alexandria Region Smouha Club
20-25th : Wadi Degla Club (C)

October 2018
4-8th:     Black Ball Club (D)
4-8th:     Sharm Elsheikh Club (D)
18-22th: Shooting Club (C)

November 2018

1-5th:     Smouha Club (C)
8-11th:   Egyptian Squash Federation Champs
15-19th: Tanta Club (D)
15-19th: Maadi Club (D)

December 2018
6-10th:  Heliopolis Club (D)
6-10th:  Zohour Club (D)
20-23rd: Egyptian Squash Federation Champs
27-29th: National League (Juniors)


January 2019
3-7th:     6th October Club (D)
17-21st: Port Said Region
24-27th: Egyptian Squash Federation Champs

February 2019
7-11th: Al Ahly Club Champs (C)
13-18th:  National Championship (Men & Women)
21-25th:  Cairo Region Champs

March 2019
7-10th: National League (Juniors)
14-17th: Egyptian Squash Federation Champs
21-25th: Sporting Club (C)

April 2019
12-14th: National League (Men & Women)
10-15th: National Championship (Juniors)



January 2019

Tournament of Champions :

CCI Mumbai

Contrex Cup HK

British Junior Open :
5 Gold, 3 Silver & 8 Bronze

February 2019

Al-Alhy Open



Motor City Detroit

Lake View PSA Closed, Omar Elborolossy Academy

Cleveland Page


Motor City Open


Secret of Egyptian Squash :
Omar Elborolossy
explains it for the WSF conference, there is no secret, just hard work and different factors...

CIB News :
Sept to Dec round up women... Sept to Dec round up men.. Karim Abdel Gawad
is back in PSATown... Raneem on OnSport...


November 2018

Hong Kong



Romania Open

Sarnia Canada

Rhode Island

Frick Switzerland

Qatar #1

Swiss Open

Rhode Island

Kelowna Canada


Qatar Classic

CIB Wadi Degla

Belgium Junior

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GU15 - Place 3/4
[9/16] Rana El Sayed
3-2 [2] Chloť Crabbť
                   11-5, 16-14, 10-12, 6-11, 11-8

December 2018

CIB BlackBall Open
The Return of the BabyFace Assassin!!!

Scottish Junior

BU13 - Final
[1] Syed Anas Ali (Pak) 3-0 [3/4] Youssef Sarhan
11-3, 11-9, 11-8

Italia Open

 London Open

CNS Karachi

Val de Marne


Pakistan Open

September 2018 

China Team Champs

HK FootballClub


Nash Cup

Beijing Open

Alexandria Region

Pakistan Open

Sportwerk Open


China Open

Nantes Open Photos

Bellevue Invitational
Prague Open

October 2018

Jericho Vancouver

Carol Weymuller:

Channel Vas


Chicago Lifetime

US Open

Youth Olympics


Sharm El Sheikh

Lahore 2 Pakistan

Lahore Pakistan

San Francisco


July 2018 

World Juniors Team

World Juniors Individual

Tasmania Open

Dutch Junior Open

Les Pyramides Paris
Cologne Open

August 2018 

Bellevue Invitational

Prague Open


Bassem Youssef celebrates Egyptian Squash!

Melbourne Open

South African Open - Pretoria   Photos

National Leagues Blackball Cairo

Sun-5-Aug: Division One, Day One

Sporting Club
3-2 Al Ahly Club
Wadi Degla Club 5-0 Smouha Club
Heliopolis Club 4-1 Gezira Club

Maadi Club 3-2 Tanta Club
Black Ball Club 5-0 Zohour Club
Shams Club 3-2 Shooting Club

Mon-6-Aug, Division One, Day Two

Wadi Degla Club
5-0 Al Ahly Club
Gezira Club 4-1 Smouha Club
Heliopolis Club 4-1 Sporting Club

Tanta Club 4-1 Zohour Club
Black Ball Club 4-1 Shooting Club
Shams Club 4-1 Maadi Club

Hong Kong Junior Open

Australian Open

May 2018 

Brasil Open

Media preview

Paraguay Open
Sporta Guatemala

Tring UK

British Open

Roumanian Junior

Resistencia, Argentina

Chamberlain Open Nigeria


CityView, Long Island

Dr Samiha Aboulmagd
RIP 5th May

Abu Dhabi

Mar del Plata (Argentina)


June 2018 

Armenia Open

Bangor Classic

World Series Finals

Austrian Open

Local Tournaments 2017/2018

December 2017
7 to 12:   Alexandria Region
23 to 28: Gezira Club

January 2018
11 to 16: Smouha Club
24 to 29: Port Said Region

February 2018
2 to 8:     Al Ahly Club
12 to 17: Men and Women Nationals
22 to 27: Sharm El Sheikh Club

March 2018
1 to 6:    Shams Club
15 Ė 20: Junior Nationals
29 Mar to 3 Apr: Wadi Degla Club

April 2018
5-10: National Leagues
12 Ė 17: Heliopolis Club

Mars 2018 


Lagos Nigeria

Texas Open

Lethbridge, Canada

Wimbledon Club Squash≤

Grasshopper Cup


[3] Mohamed El Sherbini
3-2 [8] Patrick Rooney (Eng) 11-9 9-11, 11-6, 8-11, 11-5

Canada Queen

Malaysia VII

Canary Wharf Classic

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Malaysia VI
Salt Lake City

Hong Kong Contrex Challenge

Montreal Open
Malaysia #5

April 2018 

El Gouna

Irish Open

Gaunteng Open

Richmond (Usa)


UCT South Africa

Richmond (Usa)

National Leagues

January 2018 

BSPA Edinburg



Saudi Masters

British Junior Open



Chicago Windy City


Egyptian Nationals

French Junior


Swedish Open

Al-Ahly Club

Motor City Open



Medicine Hat

Youssef Soliman 3-1 George Parker
                      6-11, 11-8, 11-8, 11-9 (59m)



November 2017 

AB Initio London
Qatar Circuit #4

Poland Junior Open

Hong Kong

Australian Open

CCI India

Qatar Classic WS

December 2017 

 Qatar Circuit

Scottish Junior Open


Alexandria Open
US Junior Open

Manchester Worlds

Monte-Carlo Classic
Life Time Florida

World Teams Marseille

London Open
St Paul, USA

September 2017 

San Francisco




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Nash Cup

Hong Kong Football Club Open

Nantes Open


October 2017 

Granite Toronto

Cleveland Skating

Carol Weymuller

Channel VAS St George's

Malaysian Open

US Open 

Media preview

Hungarian Junior

Abu Dhabi

July 2017 

World Juniors in New Zealand

 World Games

Dutch Junior Open

South Australia Open

Egypt versus Pakistan

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Victorian Open

Cologne Junior

Armenian Challenge


August 2017

China Open

China Grand Prix

Arab Junior Champ
Helsinki Summer Challenge


May 2017

Madeira, Portugal

Costa Rica


PMI Bellevue, Seattle

Sekisui, Switzerland



Sys USA M5
Bull Ring - South Af

Abu Dhabi


June 2017

World Series Finals - Dubai

National Leagues

Armenian Challenge


March 2017 

Ipswich Open

Wimbledon Squash2
British Open  Hull
Manitoba Open - Winnipeg
Canary Wharf

April 2017

Egyptian Nationals

Cape Town


Houston, USA

Irish Open



West Rand, South Africa


Women's Czech, Prague

West Ireland Galway

Richmond, USA


Parkview South Africa

Montreal Open
Ipswich Open

January 2017

Motor City, USA
Cincinnati, USA

Delaware W10
BSPA - Edinburgh, UK

ToC, Usa Fight


British Junior Open

Scottish Junior Open

PSF Islamabad
Delaware, USA
Gezirah Open

February 2017

Riga Open

Texas Open

Windy City, USA

Texas Open


Cleveland, USA

French Junior Open

Cambridge Cup, Canada

Pittsburg, USA

Swedish Open
Winnipeg, Canada
Medicine Hat, Canada

Other News

El Gouna: Press conference for the Worlds

November 2016

CCI Mumbai M50

Qatar Classic

Wadi Degla Worlds

WadiDegla Women  
Amman Open, Jordan

Nicola Wealth Open 2016, Vancouver
CAS Pakistan
Monte-Carlo Classic W25
CCI Mumbai M50
Edmonton M35


December 2016

Heliopolis Open

US Juniors

ChannelVAS StGeorge's

English League PSl


british GP 70K
Volcans 10K
Live Stuff USA W5

Women World Teams, Paris

Valencia, Spain

Mclean, Usa

London Open

Berlin, Germany M5K
Prague M5K

September 2016

Al-Ahram Open

WSF World Masters South Africa
COAS Islamabad
Malaysian Tour #4 MW5
Netsuite Open San Francisco
Otters Mumbai India
BDO Northfield Canada
October 2016

Carol Weymuller NY

CNS Islamabad, Pakistan

US Open Pharaoh Page

Ukranian Cup Kiev
Granite Toronto W15


Media preview
Karim Abdel Gawad is the Champion!!!!

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