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ALEXANDRIA 2017       



Boys U11   Boys U13 Boys U15
 Boys U17Boys U19

Girls U11  Girls U13   Girls U15  
Girls U17 Girls U19

Men's Draw

BU17 & BU15 quarter finalists



UNDER 11             Girls U11   Boys U11

A biiiig upset in that category as the number 1 Lorin Clude fell in 4 to Hala Roshdy for the first time. Hala now meets with another upset Jaida Amr, R19, who defeated R7 Jomana Shehab 3-0.

No surprise on the other side though with the two higher ranked going through, Nadin Elhamamy, a hard 3/2 against Logina Walid, and Gana Galal, 3/1 against Kinzy Khaled...

For the boys, it went according to ranking, expect for the 4/5 battle going to the R5, Eyad Hossm, in the detriment of Adham Mabrook, 3/1. Eyad will now play R2 Eyad Soliman, who defeated Hassan Elqanadily 3-0. Top of the draw, R1 Mohamed Zakaria will play Ahmed Walid, R3.

UNDER 13                    Boys U13   Girls U13

Finally an age group where we didn't have any upset and pretty straightforward, with funnily enough the hardest match between top Youssif Mohamed, ranked 1 and Yassin Amr, R31, four games.

The rest were straight 3/0 (I think), Youssif will now play Adam Ashraf, and on the other side of the draw, we have Youssif Roshdy, R2 against Yahia Eslam, R6.

As for the girls, it went all according to plan, well nearly, with R1 Login Elghary reaching the semi against R4 Malak Admed, both winning their matches 3:1 against Habiba Hanny and Nour Khafagi respectively.

Only minor surprise, the defeat of Malak Amr R5 against Nour Megahd, R7. Nour will now face Fayrouz  Ehab, R2, who dispatched of Aysel Soliman, R4, 3-0.

UNDER 15    Boys U15    Girls U15

No suprises in the boys category with the higher ranked taking the spots in the semis. Saif Eldeen Sameh and Mohamed Nasser wining their matches 3/0 against Ali Karim and Ismail Sherif respectively. Saif will meet Ahmed Ayman, winner of Youssif Hesham 3/1 while Nasser will face Youssif Abdelfatah, winner of Mohamed Mostaf, in a huuuuuuge match, 12/10 in the 5th!!!

In the Girls, a biiiiig upset this morning as the favourite of the event and R1 of that age group, Kinzy Saber, lost in a very disputed match against Gana Kareem, 3/2.

She'll meet tomorrow with Mentallah Walid, winner of Gana Hesham in 4.

On the other side of the draw, Salma Eltayeb, R12, upset the odds to beat Nardin Sameh, R7, 3/0, and will play Malak Islam, who had to fight very hard to get a win against R9 Lina Shreif.

10th December 2017

First time for me in Smouha Club as we always seem to cover events happening in the Sporting Club! This amazingly large club is I'm told the second club in size of Egypt - first I think is Shams Club in Cairo. It's literally huge, and I'm not even going to attempt going round it! Apparently, there are 37 different sports here, including Polo and Jumping!!!

The most famous "products" of the club are of course the Shorbagy Brothers, who learn to play here and still represent them in the National Leagues. But also three ladies, Salma Hany, Mariam Metwally and the World Junior Champion, Rowan Elaraby...

I was welcomed yesterday by the Tournament Organiser, Ibrahim Metwally, father of Mariam, also Ibrahim Mahdy, tournament director, and Smouha Club manager, Walid Ahmed Samir, who speaks fluent french!

Everybody has been extremely kind and helpful thanks to all, so now it's all about finding out what is going on - not easy I tell you as there are 937 participants in the event, coming from 22 clubs in Egypt!

We are finishing the last 16 this morning for the Boys U11, Boys U15, Boys U17 and the Girls U17, as there were so many players in those categories...

Then at some point today, we will switch to the quarters... So, as they say over here, Stay Tuned!!!


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