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After a long day yesterday, where my internet decided to go on strike whereas it was working fine all the time I was not on a tournament in Cairo, and thanks to the excellent team here in place, I was able to still get a few photos and reports.... At least, we had all the results in by the time we finished!

This morning, a lovely promenade in the club, you will read my report about it tomorrow, along with a sumptuous fish meal with the Metwallies in the amazing restaurant Balbaa, and an interview with Mr Big, president of the Smouha Club, Mr Mohamed Farag Amer, announcing the building on 29 courts, including a glasscourt!!!

Well, wish me luck everybody as we will have three age groups playing the semis at the same time! Don't expect miracles but a few photos and hopefully a few reports!

As they say over here, Stay Tuned...

Still impressed by the Kids...

We started the day with the U11 and I'm still and forever stunned by the intensity of that age group. The fist pump for every point or nearly, the parents involvement - to say the least - the refs under immense pressure from the parents/coaches, the tears after every game lost, the power they hit the ball with, the fluidity of their movement. Not to mention that they already learn to ref, mark. They learn the game, they know the game, with heart, passion and knowledge. I

ncredible at such a young age.....

The girls were very intense. I saw the end of the match between Hala Roshdy who was dominating the first two games - and Jaida Amr, who came back very strongly in the 3rd. It was point for point until the end, 11/9 for Hala, and a lot of tears for Jaida, consoled by her mum and dad who made sure she realised it was only a game and that it didn't matter that much.... Good parenting...

On the other side of the draw another huge battle this time between Nadin Elmamamy and Gana Galal, match to Nadin, 12/10, 11/8, a come back from Gana, 8/11, 9/11 but finally Nadin prevailing, 13/11!!!!

For the boys, it was nice to see again the little boy Ahmed Walid that I noticed in the Nationals last year, from Heliopolis. He impressed me last time - he is National Champion - and I persist and sign, that boy has got Star Quality.

Camera loves him and his feline movement on the court is truly impressive. A big battle though from his opponent Mohamed Zakaria, who  never gave up and showed great fighting talent I thought...

The U13 girls were as intense, moving as well as can be, but I was just taking as many pics as I could, trying to please as many kids/parents as possible. Didn't see much from that point on to be fair...

Login Elgohar beat Malak Ahmed in a biiig battle, yet again, 11/5 in the 5th. She now faces the ranked 2 player, Fayouz Ehab, who also had to fight tooth and nails against Nour Megahd, R7, 11/4 in the 5th!

For the U13 boys it was a bit more onesided, two 3/0 matches, Youssif Mohamed overcame Adam Ashraf, while Youssif Roshdy beat Yahia Eslam, and we have the R1 versus R2 in a very interesting final indeed...

We arrive to the U15, and intensity was running for the girls still...  Superb sportmanship from the two top of the draw semi-finalists. If the parents/coaches/families were pretty involved and stressed the two girls fought hard but always fair, and it was a joy to watch.

Mentallah Walid
win 3/1 against Jana Kareem, but 12/10, 4/11, 11/5 and 12/10! I saw the last game and I truly enjoyed it. What example for the rest of the world those two little girls were. Shame there was no streaming, as it's a match that could be shown as an lesson of sportmanship...

For the U15 boys, R6 Ahmed Ayman beat the R2 Saif Eldeen Sameh 5, 6, 5, and will meet with Youssif Abdelfatah, R5, who also beat a better ranked player 3/0, Mohamed Nasser, R3.

In the U17 girls, Nour Khaled recovered from the loss of the first round, 9/11, to take the next three against Habiba Eldafrawy, 5, 6 and 2. Nour now plays with top girl Farida Mohamed who didn't take any prisoner against ranked 46 Sana Mahmoud, who had a great tournament indeed!

For the U17 boys, biiig upset as the ranked 19 Yassin El Shafey takes out Ibrahim Mohamed, R4 3/1. And in the lower part of the draw, still an upset, lesser one that one, as R5 beats R3, Said Eldeen Eshinawy defeats Mostafa Elserty, 3/1.

Finally the GU19, with our Farida Mohamed that had to play two semis (U17), and logically was a bit flat for the second one! She bows to Hana Moataz, 3/0, while the favourite Gana Shiha played a very focused game against R3 Engy Hamouda, 3/0 as well.

For the boys U19, Omar El Torky goes on in his giant killer spree, after taking out Marwan Tarek in the quarters, he ousted R11 Yahia Elnawasany 3/1. On the other side of the draw, Mostafa Assal R7 overcame R5 Mostafa Montaser 3/0.

To finish this long day, we arrive to the men's draw, with the final that will be played between Kareem Dessouki, who beat Abdel Fattah Yehia 3/0, and Ahmed Hosny, who is now back to the PSA competition after staying away for a few months.

"I just love the game too much" he smiled...

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